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BHK-E – Industrial Type Volumetric Driver

Dough is divided properly with this machine through new designed dividing drum and intake piston without damaging and compressing. It processes the most sensitive dough type like dividing by hand. Dough hopper and outer lids are made by stainless steel. Weight arrangement can be set up as manually or via PLC control. Volumetric divider is produced as separately as considering following weight ranges; 50-200, 100- 600 and 250-1000 grams. It divides minimum 20 and maximum 40 pieces per minute with the automatic machine and between 29 and 31 pieces with the manual machine and consumes 80% less oil with respect to other machines.



Industrial Type Volumetric Driver

BHK-E 4000

Machine Dim. A x B x H (mm) 750 x 1415 x 1740
Capacity (pcs/hr) N6 3600
Weight A mm 700
Dividing Range Piston Dia. 70         |         110
Gr 50-200         |         100-600 
Motor Power kW 2,2 kW 220 – 380 V 50Hz