BMF 45


These ovens are ideal for small bakeries, however can also work very well in larger bakeries as a sec-ond oven for baking of smaller products such as baklava, pizza, pie, pastry, cake, sponge and all other yeast having dough types. Control panel is produced as touch screen or manual type. Up to 5 decks can be used on each and there is equipment which supply moist environment for fer-mented products at underside of the oven. Also the stainless steel table is available. The number of trays for each deck could be seen on technical specifications page. Each deck can be controlled individually between 0-300 C and heat of ceiling and base are managed as separately. It is only produced as an electrical.Holding heat of stone bases is in maximum level. Products can be observed clearly through glass doors and powerful enlightening.

Manual and touchscreen control panel
Fermentation or stainless table for bottom of oven


Model BMF 45
External Dimension H 1950
H 350
H2 mm 760
A 1610
B 1100
Internal Dimension h 210
a mm 920
b 740
Tray Size and Capacity 350x450 4
600x800 2
600x800 1
Heating Capacity kcal/h 4300
Max. Tepmperature °C 300
Electric Power kW 5+2
Weight kg 170